"A Healthy Puppy, is a Happy Puppy"
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We aim to breed the perfect little long-life companion.
A baby / dog that looks stunning, as well as having the temprement to match!! We do not breed for "accessories", we love our babies to go to loving homes with families if possible!
 They need to recieve as much socialisation from as early as possible to help them thrive, we aim to do this from birth, so when you recieve your new baby he/she is prepared for everything!
We have been breeding for many years now and can offer advice if you need it!
      We offer advice 24/7. We update our Webpages every 1-2 days and will answer any e-mails, queries and questions asap (usually within 24hours)

Brand New Website

New Stud: Chico

New page: Testimonials! We'd love to hear your feedback if you have purchased a baby from us! Thank you to all who have already signed it (To be included on this page please email me)